You’ll never guess what happened to me!

I’m off to play the Holt Acoustic club today, I always look forward to a gig in a new place, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, network and, of course, perform your music to a whole new crowd… hope they like it! Anyway, I felt like promoting this track today A Sunday Song - The Two Sisters: it’s been included in this month’s Bath Burp as well so pick up a copy! the song is an old ballad of jealousy and sibling rivalry which I feel is told under the old maxim “Tragedy + Time = Comedy” (you’ll never guess what happened to me!). I also have a special affection for this song as it was the first track to break the 100 hits mark on the blog!!

Bow down…



Tim is an interpreter and re-appropriator of folk song and story, he has been carving out a reputation for his 'hearty voice and uncluttered Bert Jansch-esque guitar style' (Folk Radio UK).

In 2015 Tim will be releasing his first full length album 'Rove' recorded with Ben Walker (Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Keston Cobblers Club, Sophie Jamieson, Gavin Davenport) and featuring appearances from Henry Webster (The Will Pound Band), Jack McNeill (McNeill & Heys) and Aidan Shepherd (Arlet & Effra). Rove picks up from the 2012 E.P 'Absent Minded Traveller' in reflecting Tim's passion for delivering music that reflects his journey from there to here, from then to now.

Tim also performs with the cycling group 'Pedal Folk' who tour the country by bike, spreading folk music and good times to all those they meet on their way www.pedalfolk.co.uk

For bookings please email timclivegraham@gmail.com

“overflow(ing) with power, poise and presence… I’ve not heard a better ‘live’ acoustic album in a long time” about the E.P ‘Tim Graham and Rachel Hall’ Folkwords

"Graham, more used to the folk circuit, is an excellent interpreter and re-appropriator of songs, with a hearty voice and an uncluttered Bert Jansch-esque guitar style. His spirited, unaccompanied Chiffchaff is one of many highlights (of the show)" FRUK live review of Pedal Folk

"Tim Graham understands the meaning of space and is not afraid to use it, which he does to glorious effect on Too Good To Burn. The song seems as built as much on anticipation and atmosphere as it does on vocal delivery and music and the overall effect is fantastic." - The Green Man

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