"but the sheer quality of the rest (of the CD) begs the inevitable question as to why so many of these artists haven’t been accorded proper release status… (from) Rosemary Lippard & Tim Graham is a superlative account of the classic ballad Long Lankin; both are standout tracks (on the latter, I could almost swear I was hearing an early Eliza Carthy).” about the Leigh Folk Festival’s sampler CD

"overflow(ing) with power, poise and presence… I’ve not heard a better ‘live’ acoustic album in a long time" about the E.P ‘Tim Graham and Rachel Hall’

Sometimes it seems like two artists were made to play together. So it feels with the effortless ease in the combination of Tim Graham’s guitar-playing and Rosemary Lippard’s singing. Rosemary’s beautiful and pure voice is supported by Tim’s innovative and immaculate guitar for the four songs on this self-titled EP.” Rose Lippard and Tim Graham Bright Young Folk


With guitar playing that has "shades of Bert Jansch and Martin Simpson" (Glastonbury Folk Club) and a love of the narrative traditions of the British Isles, Tim wins fans wherever his travels take him with his sensitive and honest arrangements. Since 2010 Tim has been building his identity as "one of the new generation of musicians who are breathing new life into the folk songs of Britain" (Loughton Folk Club) and has performed with some of the best young folk performers on the circuit including Gren Bartley, Gilmore & Roberts, Ewan Mclennan, Chris Sarjeant, Jackie Oates, Kate Denny, Sam Brookes and James Findlay.
As well as recording his E.P 'Tell Tale Signs' with by Paul James (Blowzabella) which is available on Bandcamp, Tim released the his latest E.P 'Absent Minded Traveller' in 50 hand printed editions. The run sold out and a second pressing is soon to be available

Tim also performs with the cycling group 'Pedal Folk' who tour the country by bike, spreading folk music and good times to all those they meet on their way

For bookings please email [email protected]

“overflow(ing) with power, poise and presence… I’ve not heard a better ‘live’ acoustic album in a long time” about the E.P ‘Tim Graham and Rachel Hall’ Folkwords

"Tim Graham understands the meaning of space and is not afraid to use it, which he does to glorious effect on Too Good To Burn. The song seems as built as much on anticipation and atmosphere as it does on vocal delivery and music and the overall effect is fantastic." - The Green Man

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